October 22, 2021

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Top 5 Best Electric Bike Black Friday Deals 2020

November is the best month, if you want to make significant savings when shopping. In November, there are a number of discounts for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. In addition, discounts for Christmas, which is already at the door, begin in November. Electric Bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years and are the perfect Christmas gift. But which one to buy among the many different brands, models and purposes? With that in mind, we have decided to help you in your search for the best electric bike and to achieve biggest savings.

We have tried to take into account various criteria such as safety, ease of use, maximum speed and range, product durability, design, customer satisfaction, best-selling products, additional product features and of course price and availability. And the main thing that guided us in this search for the best Black Friday Deals in 2020 on electric bikes is the ability to achieve maximum savings when shopping. So, let’s start this journey through Black Friday Deals.

#1 Save up to $250 With Ancheer Black Friday Sale

If you live in California you are in luck because except online store you can visit their offline or on site store at 110 S 7th Ave, La Puente, CA, 91746. Ancheer features full range of off-road, city or commuting, cargo, foldable, and fat tire electric bikes. Most of their models are 20″” or 26″” electric bikes, but you can find foldable bike with 12″ tires and there are models with 27.5″ tires.

Ancheer Official | Your Sports & Outdoor Shop

The price of Ancheer electric bikes ranges between $400 and $1000, so these are very afordable bikes for the whole familly. Check all Ancheer electric bikes here.

#2 Save up to 18% or $400 With Ecotric Black Friday Deals

Ecotric features whole range of electric bikes. Some of the most popular models are 20″ and 26″ fat tire electric bikes, than there are Leopard, Rocket, Hammer, Tornado and other models. Ecotric electric bikes are for city use, off-road experience or just for fun, depending on specific model. You can check all available Ecotric electric bikes here.

At the moment there is big Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale on Ecotric electric bikes and you can save up to 18% when buying multiple bikes. Maybe you can use this sale to buy eBikes for the whole family. And not to forget to mention, Ecotric eBikes have great price/performance ratio, so you won’t be paying extra buck for these bikes. Also, free shipping and 18 months warranty are included. It’s just great!

#3 Save up to 20% With Segway Black Friday Deals on Ninebot Dirt eBikes

Now, this is more than a regular eBike, this is NinebotDirt eBike by popular brand Segway. Segway features 2 models of Dirt eBikes and those are X160 and X260. Their shell is totally same, but the real difference lies in performances. For example, X260 is a bit heavier with 131 lbs comparing to 105 lbs of X160. Also, X260 goes as fast as 46 mph and X160 is a bit slower with maximum speed of 31 mph.

Segway Ninebot Dirt eBike

What I like the best is the fact that both models are with fast swapable system meaning that in just a few seconds you can swap drained battery with a new one and continue the fun. In other words, you can ride it indefinitely if you have enough batteries. This is cool feature because spare battery can be packed in a backpack and when needed just swap with used battery.

#4 Save $60 on Hiboy P10 Budget Folding Electric Bike

Hiboy P10 is budget friendly electric bike. It has compact, portable and foldable design with recognizable design of its centrally positioned battery pack making the whole design specific and a bit different than at the similar electric bikes. The regular price of this e-bike is $459, but with Black Friday discount you will save $60.

Hiboy P10 features 350W electric brushless hub motor eneabling the bike to go as fast as 21 mph (most of the time it will probably go around 15 mph, you need to go downhill for maximum possible speed). I admit it’s not a rocket, but for less than $400 you can’t expect some crazy speed and performances. The frame is made of aluminium alloy so it is lightweight electric bike and weighs 35 lbs. With a single charge you can go as far as 18 miles, but with assistance driving (when using pedals on slopes and to achive maximum speed) maximum driving range on a single charge go as far as 31 miles.

As we already said, it has compact design with size of 45.7 x 17 x 47.2 inches and it sits on 12″ pneumatic tires. You can choose between 3 modes: E-bike mode, Assisted bicycle mode and Regular bike mode. Great first time electric bike or as a gift for younger riders.

#5 Save up to $300 on eAhora Electric Bikes

eAhora is a well known brand of quality fat tire electric mountain bikes. Also, it features full range of compact and portable 20″ folding eBikes with fat tires as well. Beside electric bikes they offer electric motorcycles too. Electric bikes are equipped with standard offer of motors ranging between 350 W and 700 W, so you can choose according to your needs and expertise.

At the moment eAhora offers up to $300 discount as a part of Black Friday Sale. These electric bikes are mid price bikes with prices range between $999 and $1900, depending on model, motor power and additional equipment.

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