July 13, 2024

After you bought your first two-wheel self-balancing scooter or hoverboard there is a great adventure ahead of you. But, not only on hoverboard, one more quest is waiting and this time it is a quest for hoverboard accessories which will make you to stand out of the crowd.

Hoverboard accessories have two important tasks. The first one is to make use of hoverboard as practical as possible and the other is to be stylish and trendy. You will agree that both reasons are very important. You didn’t buy your hoverboard just to drive it but to be seen and appreciated, right? OK, let’s get started. Which accessories you will definitely need? At least these:

#1 Pimp Your Hoverboard With Go Kart Accessories For Hoverboards

Did you ever thought to make a mini kart out of your hoverboard? If you did, it may be easier than you think. You can find multitude of different mini kart and go kart accessories on the market and they are going as cheap as $30. However, as usually in life, the more money you spend on these fun accessories the more fun and possibilities you will get.

What is a Go Kart Accessory for Hoverboards?

When it comes to Go Kart accessories for hoverboards, it is essentially a construction that consists of a metal structure, a seat that can be made of hard plastic or lined with a sponge to make it more comfortable to sit, handles to adding or taking off the throttle, braking and changing the direction of the hoverboard and the front wheel with a variable direction.

Most Go Kart accessories fit most hoverboard models on the market, but make sure they fit your hoverboard before you buy, as some Go Kart accessories are designed for specific hoverboard models.

In addition to the standard Go Kart accessories, there are also advanced Go Kart accessories that look and function as mini of Formula 1. The two most famous go karts of this type are the Hyper Gogo GoKart Kit and the Segway Ninebot GoKart Kit. The Hyper Gogo GoKart Kit fits not only the hoverboards of the well-known Hyper Gogo brand, but also fits most other models available on the market. The Segway Ninebot GoKart Kit only fits the Segway miniPRO or Ninebot S models. These advanced models are much more expensive than the standrard ones, but you will have much more fun riding them.

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#2 Hoverboard Carrying Handbags and Backpacks

Why do you need a bag for hoverboard. Well, we suppose that you won’t be carrying it around in your hands, hoverboards are pretty heavy. Now you can find hoverboard bags in different sizes and colors and that is why we have decided to help you and propose some of the best hoverboard bags that you can find on the market. Basic choice would be a bag like Waterproof Handbags & Backpacks made of Oxford Fabric. These backpacks and handbags for hoverboards are in different sizes suitable for 6,5″, *.5″ and 10″hoverboards, so make sure what is the size of your hoverboards. Some models are suitable for different sizes and in that case you don’t have to worry what is the size of your hoverboard. Also, the most opular brands have their own backpacks and handbags tailored specifically for their models. Some of them are Swagtron, Hover-1, Tomoloo etc. Price depends on model and color.


Also, you can find hard carrying cases for hoverboards which could be great if you need to carry your hoverboard on longer distances.

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#3 Protective and Decorative Vinyl Skin Decals for Hoverboard

One of the most present and known producers of vinyl skin decals for hoverboards is MightySkins. The main purpose of these protective vinyl skin decals is to protect body cover of your hoverboard. Also, their purpose is to make your hoverboard more interesting and personalized. Protective vinyl skin declas are available in multitude of different colors and patterns. You need to check if particular skin decal is suitable for your hoverboard model since there are some differences between models.


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#4 For Extra Safety & Control – Adjustable Hoverboard Handle Bars

If you have ever ridden a hoverboard, then you know that sometimes, getting on/off a hoverboard may be a real hassle. Also, while driving, just one second of inattention or small road bumps can throw you off balance. To avoid this, it is best to attach a handle bar to your hoverboard.

There are several different models on the market, but the purpose of each is to provide you with extra stability and control while riding your hoverboard. Most of these handle bars are height adjustable and fit most models on the market, except those designed for a specific model (like handle bar for Segway miniPro). Before buying, be sure that a particular model fits your hoverboard.

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#5 Extra Level of Safety – Hoverboard Helmets

Hoverboarding is very exciting, fast and unpredictable. Hoverboard drivers are exposed to numerous falls while driving, and especially while learning to ride this amazin gadget. In case something throws them off balance, a hard surface awaits them. It’s not harmless at all because we know that some hoverboards can go as fast as up to 20 mph.

In order to protect yourself, and especially your children, we recommend that you get a good helmet. There are a large number of helmet manufacturers, and some of the most famous are Triple 8, Protec, Bell Segment etc.

When choosing protective helmets, take into account whether they are intended for children or adults, as well as how good they are. Higher quality safety helmets usually have a higher price, but a few dollars is no longer much to pass without scratches in the event of a fall while riding and enjoying your hoverboard.

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