September 30, 2023

Did you ever thought to make a mini kart out of your hoverboard? If you did it may be easier than you think. Nowadays you can find variety of go kart or mini kart hoverboard accessories and turn your favorite two-wheel self-balancing scooter into very pleasant and comfortable mini kart. Now, we are talking about gliding with ease and style here. If you like the idea check some of the coolest go kart and mini kart accessories for your hoverboard on the market. But remember, hoverboard is not included, these are just accessories for the hoverboard you already have or plan to buy.

#1 Hyper GoGo GOKart Kit is the ultimate go kart kit enabling your hoverboard to go off charts and make the ride even more fun. It comes with full set of  shock absorbers and disc brakes for more security and control. This go kart can be adjusted to driver height and thus it is suitable for both kids and adults The best thing about it is that this model fits majority of available hoverboards on the market. 

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Buy Hyper GoGo GoKart on Hyper GoGo Store

#2 Ninebot GoKart Kit – This GoKart is placed on 2nd position only because of the price and the fact that it is suitable only for Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S. The Ninebot GoKart Kit is top of the class when it comes to hoverboard go karts.If you like more fun, racing karts and unlimited excitement than this customized GoKart for Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S is a must have. It is a fully functional kart with adjustable frame and steering meaning it is suitable for kids and adults and it is designed specifically for the Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S.

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Ninebot GoKart Pro

Ninebot GoKart Pro is the latest variant of GoKart Kit for hoverboards by Segway. This upgraded GoKart kit by Segway has more aggressive look, and it is capable to overcome inclines up to 15 degrees. Also, it comes with adjustable frame, so it fits riders between 4’5” to 6’3”, and the maximum load capacity is up to 220 lbs. So, it fits kids, teenagers and adults. The producer recommend it for riders older than 14 years.

The Ninebot GoKart Pro is not just an attachment like other mini kart attachments in this review. It comes fully equipped with Ninebot hoverboard, so you are getting 2 products in one, a Ninebot hoverboard with cutting-edge TPE rear tires enabling the rider to drift like a pro and a detachable GoKart.. With dual 500 W (1000 W combined) brushless hub motors it is able to speed up to 23 mph, making it the fastest GoKart on rhe market. Also, there are 4 riding modes, Safety, Regular, Sports and Race Mode, and you can easily adjust those mode to rider’s skill level and age. Of course, the battery drains fastest during Race Mode. Find more in this guide. I must say that the only downside of this incredible GoKart is its price of $1.999,99, but it is expected since you get fully loaded Ninebot Mini Kart.

#3 Hover-1 Mini Kart Attachemnts For Hoverboards. Hover-1 is very popular brand of hoverboards and electric scooters for kids and adults. Here we present you their popular mini kart atachemnt for hoverboards. There are 3 main models of Hover-1 mini kart attachemnts and they fit almost all hoverboard models on the market. Here is the list of Hover-1 mini kart attachemnts:

  • Hover-1 Buggy – This cool mini kart hoverboard accessorie looks really nice in black, blue or pink frame and fits most models with 6.5″ and 8.5″ tires, such as Razor Hovertrax, Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro and more. Looks pretty cool and powerful with nicely shaped seat. Worth cheking it if you are a fan of mini kart. It is made for adjusting on hoverboards and it is adjustable for children and grownups.

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  • Hover-1 Falcon – Very interesting mini kart attachment for hoverboards and it comes with racing effects like 2 Fog Blaster & Turbo LED lights on the back end. However, those are just effects, you don’t get any real turbo boosters or similar. It fits 6.5″ hoverboards, including most models of Swagtron, Razor Hovertrax, Swagway, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro, Veveline, Sisigad and other hoverboards. Mini Kart attachment is available in black, blue and red color (adjustable frame) and the seat is in black color. 

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  • Hover-1 Beast – This mini kart attachemnt for hoverboards ia made for off-road hoverboards with 10″” tires. It fits most off-road hoverboard models on the market. It has Dual Shock absorbing coils, adjustable frame and bigger front wheel with all terrain tire.

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  • Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Hoverboard + Mini Kart Attachment Bundle – If you like to finish the job with a single buy than this Chrome 2.0 Hoverboard and Mini Kart Bundle is the best choice for you. The hoverboard features built-in Bluetooth speaker, Bright LED Lights and 2 x 200W motor able to speed Chrome up to 7 mph. It fits kids and adults and has load capacity of 220 lbs. You can use it as a hoverboard or you can attach iy to the mini kart attachemnt and use it as a go kart.

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#4 Hiboy Mini Kart Hoverboard AttachmentsThere are two models of Hiboy mini kart hoverboard attachemnts, Hiboy HC-01 and Hiboy HC-02 and here they are:

  • Hiboy HC-01 fits 6.5″, 8″, and 10″ hoverboards, including most models of Swagtron, Razor Hovertrax, Swagway, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro and other hoverboards (except Swagtron T6, Mega wheel TW01S-1 and Hover-1 Beast 10″ wheel) . It is available in different color patterns and it has just one central adjustable oval rod giving the more robust look.

Buy HC-01 on Amazon

Buy HC-01 on Hiboy Store

  • Hiboy HC-02 is also suitable for hoverboards with 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ tires. this mini kart attachment has rear seat suspension for more comfort ride and it can handle up to 270 lbs of load.

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Buy HC-02 on Hiboy Store

#5 EverCross Mini Kart Accessory for hoverboards comes from well known producer of hoverboard accessories. It is available in a whole specter of patterns and color combinations with retractable skeleton. It is fully adjustable and compatible with all kinds of hoverboards with 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ tires and will fit them all.

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