May 25, 2024

Electric scooters and eBikes have experienced a real boom in recent years and everyone wants to ride them. Finally, you bought your electric scooter or bike, and then realized that the driver of such vehicles is often exposed in traffic or during off-road driving. Of course, before buying, you asked what kind of brakes it uses, how strong the engine is, how long the battery lasts, whether it has break and tail lights, LED headlights, additional lights for better visibility at night, which tires it uses, whether it has a good suspension etc. Read our detailed guide on electric scooters and eBikes.

Smart Helmets For Ultimate Protection

But after all that, you realized that eScooters and eBikes can be real little beasts on two wheels. Of course they can, especially scooters and bikes designed for racing and off-road experience. Some of them have motors of over 2000 W and can run over 60 mph. Since you can encounter unexpected obstacles at such speed, you also need additional protection. One of the most sought after products for the personal safety of eScooter and eBike riders are smart helmets. That’s why we decided to research the market and present Top 5 best smart helmets by our choice.

#1 LUMOS Street – Smart Helmet For Urban Ride

Lumos Street is designed for urban ride experience on skateboards, eScooters, eBikes, Hoverboards etc.

It has minimalist design with four air vents and safety features like bright LED headlights (500 lumens) and automatic brake lights. This way rider will be more visible during the night and your head will be fully protected. It is made of impact resistant EPS foam liner and ABS shell (CPSC, F1492, EN1078, AS2063 Certified)

#2 LIVALL Smart Helmet With Bluetooth Connection

LIVALL smart helmet is Bluetooth enabled meaning you can easily answer phone calls. Using Walkie-Talkie feature you can connect with other riders and talk to them while riding and still be on alert for surrounding traffic and off-road obstacles. Mics are placed on strategic spots for better sound effects.

Also, you can connect your helmet to a smartphone via LIVALL Riding APP, and if something unexpected happens, helmet turns on emergency status and SOS signals will be sent to your emergency contacts.

#3 SENA R1 – Smart Helmet With Built-in Communication System

SENA R1 is a communication smart helmet. It has built-in communication system. It features traditional design combined with all perks of modern communication technology. With SENA R1 you can group chat with up to 4 riders at the same time via integrated speakers and mic.

Also, it is Bluetooth enabled, just connect it to your smartphone via SENA smartphone App and listen your favorite tunes, radio stations and podcasts. The batteries will last up to 12 hours of constant talking. After they run out you will need up to 2.5 hours to filly recharge them.

#4 Coros SafeSound For Urban Riders

Coros SafeSound features some really cool features like Ear Opening Sound System, SOS Emergency Alert, LED Tail Light, and Bluetooth connection for music and phone calls.

LED Taillight brings the safety to the next level. It has auto mode integrated sensor for detecting ambient lighting conditions and triggering the LED light to start flashing. Also, it comes with Smart Remote which you can attach to a handlebar. You get full remote control over integrated audio system for playing/pausing music, skipping tracks, adjusting volume, answering phone calls etc. And via Coros Smart App you can enhance the whole riding experience and track distance, speed and route information.

#5 SENA Momentum Pro Dual Bluetooth Camera Helmet For Off-Road Riders

Is there anything more excited than off-road ride on fully equipped eScooters and eBikes. I think not. Speed, adrenaline pumping and nature all around you and there is only one thing missing. Video of your riding achievements to brag and post to social media. This is where SENA Momentum Pro Helmet seals the deal. Since this helmet is intended for great speed and adrenaline ride it fully covers the head for more protection.

Also, it has integrated camera. There is single touch camera button on Momentum Pro helmet for instant camera rolling. This is QHD (1440p, 30fps) / FHD (1080p, 60fps) camera with 135 degree field of view and it has a looping video recording time of 2 hours. Thanks to the fact that Momentum Pro features WiFi you can instantly preview and download footage on your smartphone.

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