March 13, 2023

You like to glide on your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter but you, also, like to look cool. We searched the market in pursue for the coolest hoverboards and we finished whit Top 5 coolest looking hoverboards in 2021. In our search we have took in consideration different criteria like design, speed, LED, price, functionality and quality. So, look at our choice:

#1 Ninebot S-Plus by Segway

Ninebot S_Plus by Segway is one great hoverboard made by famous Segway and represents its top hoverboard and a leading electric ride on in this niche. This is real monster on wheels which weighs 36 lbs (around 16 kg) and runs as fast as 12 mph. You will definitely look cool riding this hoverboard anywhere you are, in street, school, college or job (this is great commuter vehicle). It has upgraded classy look and soul of Ferrari. Just stand on and glide with style. The Ninebot S-Plus features dual 800W motors for greater power and speed, Remote Control and Auto_Following Mode. LED lights are placed on the rim of wheel hubs and LED headlight is positioned on top of the steering bar giving better lightning and more futuristic look.

#2 EPIKGO Sport+

EPIKGO Sport +  is one of the EPIKGO Sport Series hoverbord, UL2272 certified and thus safe for riding.  The EPIKGO is based in Silicon Valley which is great plus for maintaining close relation with the customers and quick reaction for their needs. At the first glance you will notice that EPIKGO Sport + is heavy and very well built. One could think that heavier construction is the downside of EPIKGO because carrying it would not be much fun, but sturdy and durable aluminium alloy chassis, aluminium wheel fenders and 8,5″ alloy rims and wider foot pads are here to make the ride more aggressive and at the same time to prevent serious damage on your hoverboard. The EPIKGO Sport+ is a machine that will power you anywhere, and if you need hoverboard that is going to last choose this one. Also, one nice feature of this model are red aluminium alloy wheels giving this model very cool look.

#3 Hover-1 H1-100 Electric Hoverboard With LED Wheel Lights

The Hover-1 H1 100 is one of the coolest looking hoverboards for kids. Its infinity LED wheels with changing lights are giving awesome light effects during the night time. Every kid will just love it. Also, it can manage adult riders since its maximum load capacity is 220 lbs. H1 100 LED Hoverboard features dual 2 x 200 W brushless hub motor which will speed the rider up to maximum 7 mph. Also, you can connect built-in Bluetooth speakers to your smartphone and play favorite tunes while riding. It uses UL2272 certified batteries and power corde meaning it’s safe from fire and fits all required regulations. This hoverboard is a must have if you like to be seen and look cool.

#4 Gotrax Glide Chrome

The Gotrax Glide Chrome is one of the latest and most popular hoverboards in Gotrax line of hoverboards. All Gotrax hoverboards you can check here. It features dual 400 W motors (2 x 200 W) and as a power source it uses 25.2V 2.6 aH battery. This will be enough for maximum speed of 6.5 mph. Maximum range may be a slight disappointment since it can run as far as 3.5 miles on a single charge, but it is compensated by a more than attractive appearance. Its outer shell in chrome finishing with pearl effects are so cool that everyone will love it at the first sight. Maximum load capacity of 220 lbs enables it to be used by kids and adults as well.

#5 Halo Rover X – The Best Off-Road Hoverboard

The Halo Rover X is one of the most popular off-road hoverboards on the market. It features superior speed, power, battery life, off-road 8.5″ tires, sturdiness etc.. Through Personal Halo Rover Mobile App you can connect your smartphone to the hoverboard and obtain some important information like speed tracking, battery life, distance traveled, map of your ride, power on and off, and much more. Furthermore, thanks to the Ride-Assist feature, the Halo Rover X always stays upright when it’s powered on.

Compact and lightweight design combined with extreme durability makes this hoverboard to stand out. Also, the Halo Rover X uses UL 2271 Certified LG G Firesafe Lithium Ion Battery which is UL2271 certified and placed inside fire retardant shell thus giving extra security for the rider. Smart Battery Management System is in its brightest edition with over current, over heating, short circuit, overcharge and excessive discharge protection. Pure fun is ahead of you.

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