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If you are the owner of Ninebot by Segway miniPRO than you have, by most users, the best on/off road self-balancing scooter on the market. But, if you wanna stick out and be different you will need some additional accessories for this “big wheeled speed monster”. At the moment there are some really nice accessories for Segway miniPRO important both for safe ride and as a fashionable detail.

#1 Security comes first – Segway Mini Pro Protective Gear Kit which consists of 1 helmet, 2 palm pads, 2 elbow pads and 2 knee pads. Segway miniPRO pro protective gear kit has official name Segway/ Ninebot Original Genuine Xiaomi Mini Pro No.9 Protective Gear kit as the latest version of the original Ninebot accessories. But this protective gear kit has some limitations regarding their users because it is best suited for persons of 160-175cm in height, 50.5-60.3kg in weight. Also maximum head circumference is 57-58cm, maximum knee circumference is 43cm or less, maximum elbow circumference is 26cm or less and maximum palm circumference is 18cm or less.

Segway minipro-original-protective-gear

In another words it is unsuitable for a larger person. However, this protective gear is made of strong and thick material which has strong abrasion resistance. Inside of palm, elbow and knee pads as well as of helmet is cushioned adequately to take care of your comfort while, on the other side, gives the rider maximum protection from potentially dangerous accidents. Also, the usage of this protective gear kit is not only for miniPRO ride but it can be used on all kinds of bikes, boards and skates as well as for the horse riding.

Segway minipro-original-protective-gear1

#2 Grow up – Handlebar for Segway Minipro. The Handlebar is designed in Germany by KSR Group. It is available in two colors (same as Segway miniPRO, in black and white) and previous users described it as sturdy and reliable.  Its very easy to install Segway miniPRO handlebar and to move from knee steering bar to handle bar and vice versa, especially if you have additional quick-release lock for the fastest switch between knee-controlled bar and the handlebar.


#3 Pimp my ride – Ninebot GoKart Kit. If you like more fun, racing karts and unlimited excitement than this customized GoKart for Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S is a must have. It is a fully functional kart with adjustable frame and steering meaning it is suitable for kids and adults and it is designed specifically for the Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S.

#4 Pimp my ride plus – Segway miniPRO Decorative Blades. These decorative blades may be a nice touch to your miniPRO and they are available in red and grey color, so now you can easily change them or replace damaged ones.


#5 Park it anywhere – Segway Kickstand. Whit this nice detail you can park your Segway anywhere without concerning if it is going to roll off on it’s own.


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