July 21, 2024

Electric scooters are among the most sought after tech gadgets in the World. It can be said that their popularity literally exploded due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and need to obtain personal commuting vehicle. Electric scooters are a great last mile means of transportation, but also one of your favorite entertainment gadgets. They can be used in urban conditions for commuting purposes, in parks or off-road entertainment grounds. But pay attention, the electric scooter you buy should suit your needs, you simply cannot use any scooter in any situation.

Having in mind different needs of electric scooter users, but also the fact that electric scooters are one of the most desirable gifts for which there is a real craze, this overview of Top 7 best electric scooters for summer 2022 is here to help you decide which one to buy. Of course, you can gift them to people you care about (children, husband, wife, girlfriend, father, mother, boyfriend, etc.), but also to yourself as a reward for all the hard work during the year. Electric scooters range from $100 for some kids’ models to over $4000 for professional racing electric scooters that can go up to 70 mph. What all electric scooters have in common is that they will surely make happy the person who gets them. Now, let’s see our choice of Top 7 best electric scooters for summer 2022.

#1 Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ – The Best Heavyweight Off-Road Electric Scooter

Kaabo is known by high quality electric scooters for different occasions (commuting, fun, off-road experience, and racing. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ is the real beast on wheels and the ultimate off-road electric scooter by Kaabo. Also, it surpasses a number of the competing models like Nanrobot S7, Mantis Pro SE and Dualtron Thunder concerning speed, quality of workmanship, lightning features and power etc.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ Electric Scooter

What makes it so special are its robust design for extreme driving conditions, big size making it a “giant” among electric scooters, massive frame with a double bar steering handle, extra wide standing deck and maximum speed of 50 mph on off-road terrains. You read that right, 50 mph! The frame of the Wolf Warrior 11+ electric scooter is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, so strength and durability are fully ensured. However, the designers did not stop there, but strengthened the sides of the frame with two metal rails for additional strength and durability. 11″ wheels with pneumatic all-road tires are accompanied by an excellent suspension on both wheels. And what we liked the best is the fact that this is full adult model able to carry a rider weighing up to 450 lbs. Just outstanding.

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#2 Kaabo Mantis Pro SE – The Best Urban & Trail Electric Scooter

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is a special edition of this popular urban and trail electric scooter. It has so called all-terrain design that suites different terrains and riders. All of its parts are made to fit and work to raise the performance of the scooter to the maximum. One of the cool and practical design solutions is its dual front and rear suspension which is durable, ultra-quiet, and adaptable to heavier riders. The Mantis Pro SE has a top speed of 45 mph and it’s incredible. It’s possible thanks to its powerful dual 2000 watt motor which makes the SE so alive and strong.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

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#3 Ninebot F40 – The Best Commuting Electric Scooter by Segway

Ninebot F40 is the newest addition to Segway line of electric kick scooters. Actually, we can say that this is the best model of these popular scooters you can find on the market. The F 40 is a part of new Ninebot F Series of commuting electric scooters consisting of the F30 and F40. It has more edgy and aggressive look than other Ninebot scooters and comes with durable chassis made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and high-density polymer. Its portable folding design with one-step folding system allows easy and quick assembling/disassembling in just 3 second.

Ninebot F40

The maximum speed of this model is 18.6 mph with maximum driving radius of 25 miles (depending on your driving). Also, it features 3 riding modes: Eco, Standard and Sports mode, 10″ pneumatic tires for more comfortable ride, and dual electronic and disc brakes.

#4 Mercane Widewheel – The Best Electric Scooter With 1000 W Motor

How not to like this chubby electric scooter with ultra whide wheels? Marcane Widewheel is one of the most popular electric scooters with wide wheels and the go-to electric scooter for power and torque. It’s equipped with powerful dual 500W motors (1000W combined) anabling it to accelerate better than the most of compering models (reaches 25mph in just 3.5 seconds). Also, thanks to the super powerful motors it is capable of overcoming climbs up to 40 degrees. maximum speed of Mercane Widewheel is astonishing 28 mph, considering that this is not a true off-road racing scooter (but you can use it for off-road rides).

Mercane Widewheel

#5 Hover-1 Switch, 2-in-1 Electric Scooter and Skateboard For Kids

Hover-1 Switch is super fun 2-in-1 electric rideon for kids. It is a hybrid of electric scooter and skateboard giving your kids opportunity to try themselves on both types of electric rideons. In just few simple steps they will be able to change between electric scooter and skateboard and vice versa. The first thing you notice is a very wide standing board that fits skateboards in its design, not scooters. Thanks to the unique Lock & Release system the standing deck can be easily detached from the control handlebar and turned into a skateboard. This is one of the most interesting Christmas gifts for kids in 2020. Read full review on Hover-1 Switch.

#6 INOKIM Light 2 – Electric Scooter With Best Price/Performance Ratio

Clean, minimalist lines with the characteristic design and performance sets the INOKIM Light 2 apart from other similar models on the market. The One-step folding system is excellent, simple and practical and allows you to easily lift the scooter and carry it when it is folded. The Light 2 features powerful front and rear lights for better visibility and safety during the night rides. Also, large 8.5” pneumatic tires largely absorb vibrations while riding over bumps.

The INOKIM Light 2 is powered by a 350W motor releasing a maximum power of 500W. This is enough to reach a top speed of 21 mph. The maximum range is 25 miles on a single charge, and it depends on riding condition as well as battery options. With the INOKIM Light 2 there are 3 battery options: Hero 7.4ah (15 miles range), Super 10.3 ah (20 miles range) and Max 13ah (25 miles range). When the battery empties, you need about 4 hours to fully charge them. The price for this electric scooter ranges between $950 and $1350, depending on battery variant.

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#7 Turboant X7 Pro – Electric Scooter With Detachable Battery

The Turboant X7 Pro is budget electric scooters that at first glance do not differ from similar competing models on the market. However, one important thing sets it apart, and that is the detachable battery pack. Turboant electric scooters are among the high quality electric scooters whose price is very affordable and ranges around $500. Turboant X7 Pro has sophisticated lines making the spectator to have the impression that it is gently swaying in front of him. Behind that hides a real small beast with impressive features and performance, especially in the urban environments for which it is intended.

Turboant X7 Pro

The X7 Pro has 3 riding modes, Beginner, Eco and Sports mode. Beginner mode is intended for beginners and if activated the maximum speed of the X7 Pro electric scooter is 6 mph, Eco mode is used to extend battery life and the maximum speed in Eco mode is 10 mph, and in Sports mode the maximum speed is 20 mph. of course, the battery drains the fastest in Sports mode. Read full review of Turboant X7 Pro.

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