May 28, 2024

SISGAD offers full spectrum of electric scooters and hoverboards for adults and kids. You can read full reviews of the SISIGAD 851 Pro electric scooter for adults here and the SISIGAD 101 here. In this short overview of SISIGAD electric scooters for kids we will give you some main specs of their 530 and 531 models. These models are fun and cheap with retail price under $200.

As we already said, SISIGAD has two variants of electric scooters for kids called the SISIGAD 530 and the 531. The SISIGAD 531 electric scooter is available in four different colors and features colorful neon LED lights on the stem and front wheel. Luminous effects created while the scooter is on the run are fun and cool during the night ride.

SISIGAD 531 Electric Scooter

The SISIGAD 530 electric scooter is a bit different and this model features neon LED lights on the stem and on the sides of the standing deck. The price of the SISIGAD 530 is $199.99 on SISIGAD store.

SISIGAD 530 Electric Scooter

These electric scooters are almost the same and both variants have 80W motor able to deliver top speed of 4 mph and up to two hours of pure fun before the battery drains. After that it will take you another two hours to fully recharge the battery. Also, these are super lightweight electric scooters designed specifically for kids and they weigh around 11 lbs.

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