Vecaro GLIDE-X hoverboard is a 2017 model offered by this well known hoverboard producer. It is a whole new series of hoverboards in different colors (metallic colors are really nice and cool looking) and with Vecaro GLIDE represents line of 6.5″ hoverboards made by Vecaro. If you like off-road hoverboards then read our latest review on Vecaro Trek-X off-road hoverboard. The chassis for GLIDE-X hoverboards is made of 3 mm thick aluminium with ABS outer shell in more than 20 color combinations, including metallic colors. This hoverboard is UL2272 certified (both GLIDE and GLIDE-X versions). Design is pretty generic but you will get some extra features for the reasonable price (lower than competitors’ price for this extra features – check prices). Also, it is powered by Samsung 36V Lithium Ion battery pack made with authentic leg cells (20 Samsung cells per battery for longer riding experience) and certified chargers in order to prevent fire hazard. Don’t forget that Vecaro is a US based company which is important for the fast shipping and customer relations.


Vecaro GLIDE-X vs Vecaro GLIDE

Where is the difference between these two lines of Vecaro 6.5″ hoverboards? Well, the main difference are Bluetooth and Ride Control App for better riding experience. The base model of GLIDE series does not come with Bluetooth features but GLIDE-X models are all equipped with Bluetooth for smart phone connectivity.


The Ride Control App or Vecaro LifeStyle makes the main difference between GLIDE and GLIDE-X. This app connects your smart phone with the hoverboard through Bluetooth and enhances riding experience. The main interface of the APP shows many of the hoverboard’s parameters, including current speed, battery level, current millage etc. Also, with this app you can personalize your hoverboard by giving it unique name, change the access password, set maximum speed (and choose between beginner and pro mode), adjust sensitivity of your hoverboard etc. Additionally there is a self-diagnosis check where you can verify that your hoverboard is operating correctly or determine what part has been damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Main Features of Vecaro GLIDE and GLIDE-X Hoverboards

Features Vecaro GLIDE Vecaro GLIDE-X
UL2272 Certified YES YES
Weight 28 lbs 28 lbs
Wheels 6.5 inches 6.5 inches
Top Speed 10 mph 10 mph
Maximum Range 11 miles 11 miles
Charging Time ~90 minutes ~90 minutes
Maximum Load Capacity 220 lbs 220 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle 10o 15o
LED Headlights YES YES
Bluetooth Not at the Base Model YES
Ride Control App NO YES
Carrying Bag YES YES

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