May 28, 2024

In this review of the SIMATE HOVERBOARD I would give you an insight to all main features of this new player on the market. The Simate hoverboard has passed the UL certification, is made of stronger materials, can support both teens and adults.

The design of this hoverboard is simple, although many hoverboareds look similar, but the technology and internal components may be very different.

Here’s a look at the internal structure of the Simate Hoverboard.

Logic board

Simply put, it is like a human brain. The Simate Hoverboard has various modules distributed to receive and process data information, by calculating the tilt angle value, speed and other data measured by the body sensors, and then send commands to the motor to do acceleration and deceleration actions, control the LED lights, power consumption, power switch.


This is where the Simate Hoverboard technology comes into play. As you ride, the wheel next to you will transmit speed and tilt information to the gyroscope based on your posture, which is then transmitted to the logic board as a way to keep the body balanced. If you have a problem with your hoverboard, it’s probably because something is out of sync with the gyroscope. This is when you need to calibrate your hoverboard again. The calibration will reset your gyroscope so that all values are zeroed again. This is a great way to fix your hoverboard problems.


They contain sensors for tilt and speed, and this information will be transmitted to the gyroscope. This allows the two wheels to accelerate and move independently at different speeds. Simate Hoverboard is equipped with dual 250W brushless hub motors that are quiet and provide smooth power.

Battery pack

Battery pack features Lithium-ion batteries which are lightweight and have a high energy density, allowing more miles per single charge. The Simate hoverboard uses a 36V, 2.0Ah lithium battery with excellent performance. The built-in BMS battery management system is more energy-efficient and safe.

Affordable Price

In addition to the main components, its price is very friendly, especially for those looking to buy fun and affordable gifts for their children. Also, this hoverboard is suitable for adults ready for fun ride and outdoor adventure.

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